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Services Offered

Whether it is Project Cargo or Break Bulk Cargo, we manage both cost-effectively for a free passage of the shipments without any hassle. Once the customs are cleared, the cargo is packed into a Unit Load Device or (ULD) and then moved into the aircraft. Once the aircraft reaches the destination airport, the cargo is unloaded and sent with the air waybill and other documents.

There are various kinds of cargo services:

  • When food items need to be transported to a specific country or domestically.
  • We also take care of transporting Livestock and Animals to the desired location. For pets, it is done on air cargo.
  • Transportation services of LNG, CNG, and Other Gas-Based Fuels are also provided by us
  • Cars and other vehicles can also be transported
  • Transportation of Machinery, Equipment, and Factory Parts is a part of Shipping Dry Bulk Cargo.

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